• Japan's first all-in-one job posting,
    job hunting, and payment service.

  • Japan's first all-in-one job posting,
    job hunting, and payment service.

  • Japan's first all-in-one job posting,
    job hunting, and payment service.


Work when it suits you, get paid straight away.
Do it all with Jobpay.

Jobpay is a Japan-first* service that combines on-demand job-matching with same-day payment.
The Jobpay platform provides seamless "Job" and "Payment" support for all kinds of hard-working people, including people holding side jobs.

Whether you want to work tomorrow, you just want to work at night, or you want to make effective use of your free time, the best time to work is different for each of us.
And whether you can't wait for payday, or you just want to get the money you earned today, the best timing for payments is also different for each of us.
Jobpay offers hard-working people the opportunity to choose from a wide array of job listings, and start working straight away, without having to go through an interview.
On top of that, you can use our same-day payment service for all the jobs offered through Jobpay.
Use Jobpay to get work and get paid when it suits you. It's work for the modern day.


Jobpay lets you easily find and apply for jobs, when you want to work.

Jobpay offers a wide array of jobs that you can work by the day, or for just a few hours at a time, using the skills and experience you already have, like pouring beers, or working a cash register. Jobpay also provides a system where workers and employers can rate each other. This lets you get matched faster, and to better jobs, as you build up more and more good reviews. With Jobpay, your hard work today pays off tomorrow.

How it works

Look for a job


Get hired

Get started

Clock out


Get paid

Note: You will need to register as a user to begin applying for jobs.

Search by Your Availability

Whether you want to work in retail, hospitality, or events... or whether you need a job that will hire you without experience, or let you have a side job... choose the field you want to work in and the conditions you need, input the time and place you can work, and Jobpay will show you the jobs that suit your needs.

Read the Job Description

Pick out the jobs that interest you from the search results, and check the details for that position. When choosing a job, take into consideration the skills you'll need and the photographs of the workplace, on top of the time and location of the job. Make sure to read the "Other Information" section as well to learn about why people are passionate about that workplace.

Simple, One-Tap Application

Once you've read through the job description, just tap "apply," and wait to hear back from the company. When you're checking out other jobs, you can mark them as "interested" so that you can manage them more easily.

Use Our Chat App to Talk About the Job

Job offers and all other communications with employers are handled within the Jobpay site, from start to finish. We will not share your personal information with companies, so you can use the site with peace of mind.


Use an ATM at a convenience store, train station, or bank to withdraw your money once you finish working, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.* The Jobpay Cyurica Card can be used at over 100,000 ATMs.

When you finish a job with Jobpay, you can withdraw your payment from an ATM at a convenience store or elsewhere, on your way home from work. You don't need to have a bank account to get your money. You can get started by just completing the Jobpay Cyurica Card application process (as part of the Jobpay user registration).
Click or tap "Apply for a Jobpay Cyurica Card" to proceed.



Our Service

What does Jobpay do?
Jobpay is a job-search and same-day payment service operated by Cyurica.
Jobpay lets you work for a few hours on a single day, and get paid immediately from a nearby ATM as soon as you finish working.
You can receive payment for jobs either via the dedicated Jobpay Cyurica Card, or via bank transfer.
Job applications don't require interviews or submitting resumes, so you can make use of your free time to do extra casual work.
How can I get started?
To use the service (i.e. to apply for jobs and receive payments) you have to register on the site. Follow the link where it says "Get Started Here" to register. After completing registration, you'll be able to login to "MY JOBPAY" and start using the service.
Who can use Jobpay?
If you are above the minimum legal working age (i.e. after the March 31st following the day you turn 15 years of age), you can use Jobpay. Non-Japanese are also able to use the service.
For non-Japanese users, however, businesses will require a copy of your passport or residence card. For further details on this, talk to the business you are applying to via the chat function.
Are there registration or other fees for using the service?
There are no fees associated with using the site to search or apply for jobs.
What areas are covered by the service?
There are no restrictions on where users can live to register with the service. We are starting with our job area focused on Tokyo, Saitama, Chiba, and Kanagawa, and we are planning to expand gradually from there.

About User Registration

What can I do once I have registered as a user?
Registering as a user allows you to see detailed information for job postings, apply to jobs, and receive same-day payments.
How do I register? What do I need to register?
Under section called "Get Started Here," proceed to apply for a Jobpay Cyurica Card. Follow the instructions on the screen, input any necessary information, and send in your application.
Note: If you already have a Cyurica card, you do not need fill out a new application.
To complete your registration, you will need to upload proof of identity documents. The following documents are acceptable for these purposes: driver's license, passport, Individual Number Card, basic resident register card, residence card etc.
How does Jobpay handle my personal information?
For details, please refer to our Privacy Policy (Japanese only).

About Applying for Jobs

Can I apply for two or more jobs at once?
Yes, you can. Once you have been offered a job, please be sure to cancel your applications to other openings.
What do I do after I've applied?
Wait to hear back about whether or not you've been accepted. Whether or not you get offered a job, and when you find out about that, is at the discretion of the company doing the hiring.
Will the site work on a flip phone?
We recommend using the site from your PC or smartphone.

About the Jobs

I have questions about the work or the conditions of a job.
Use the chat function to check details and make inquiries directly to companies posting jobs.
Who can I call if I have problems on the job or after finishing work?
Please contact our support center on 050-3786-5566 (9:00-18:00 JST, 365 days per year).

About Payments

How do I get paid?
You can receive payment for jobs either via the dedicated Jobpay Cyurica Card, or via bank transfer.
What is the processing fee for using the Jobpay card?
There are no ATM fees for using the Jobpay card, regardless of the time of day, or day of week.